Blogmas Days 14-16: A saga of 20 minute tasks

The last two days were hectic. It was an unfun repetitive cycle of tasks that I didn’t want to do. So I will not relive the details.

Today on the other hand… no wait, it still consists of lots of little tasks. gross.

  • clean
  • laundry
  • paint large pieces
  • make and wrap presents
  • package prints
  • post to instagram… ugh something? idk yet
  • get pricing done
  • renew my lease
  • get covered parking permit
  • try to enjoy the snow

I would say better luck tomorrow, but it will be a day of doing everything for my partner until he gets to the airport, then working to get any last things done to set up my section at Relics Redesigned.

Then Friday, I get to drive 10 hours to my parents home to finally get some Christmas spirit going.

Happy Hectic Holidays!

Also Check Out my latest works… they are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Blogmas Day 13: Photography

I set up and took photos of my new abstract series.

I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER… not in the slightest. So my photos are only decent, but definitely color accurate. And boi howdy it takes a lot of time for me to photo and edit.

I took photos of every piece, detail shots, and group photos. Then I went in and edited the photos for todays posts and posted them to my Art Instagram and Facebook Pages.

This afternoon I took a Sunday nap. Which makes it a real day of rest. I think. maybe…

This evening I went to Relics Redesigned and took out all works that hadn’t sold so I could put new ones in this upcoming week.

Blogmas Day 12: Abstract Gouaches

I worked all day trying to finish an art series of abstract gouaches.

From getting up at 8:30AM to now 7PM, I painted gouache, let it dry, painted gouache, let it dry, inked lines, painted gouache, snack break, painted gouache, inked shapes, etc.

Last time I sat down with my mother while painting, I expressed how I don’t fully understand abstract art. I mean, I can feel a Rothko, but I scratch my head at a Kadinsky. And there are many current artists that create abstract works. So it is still a valued and expansive style that many are praised for.

And so I asked my mother to create a blob. Then, I worked off of it.

I believe a lot of abstract works are derived from feelings, exterior forces, or the materials themselves. So I let out some frustration, some controlled chaos (too type A for pure chaos), and some color creation.

I had one revelation during the process: I created a shape with dots next to a different colored shape that made me think of a song. Strawberry Blond by Mitski. The thought was there and I could recall it when looking at that section, so I turned the song on repeat and continued to create. I then created more parts that echoed the lyrics.

Now I have six abstract pieces inspired by my mother’s blob and Mitski.

I am not sure if this is what abstract art is, or if this is what understand as an abstract piece in this moment.

And honestly, I don’t know if they are of good quality. I don’t fully understand how to judge my own work when it comes to abstraction. So if per chance you are reading this, look out for these pieces in the upcoming days on my Instagram. Give me advice. Share your opinion.

For art, even in failure, it is good to share the experience and gain knowledge from others on what works and what doesn’t.

Blogmas Days 10-11: It is what it is.

December 10th Recap:

I cleaned, went to Relics Redesigned in Indianapolis to check on my vendor space, target shopped, looked out my window, watched YouTube, cleaned and organized my art space, spent too much money, cooked dinner, and played way too much candy crush.

How does one get people to follow you? How do I convince the City of Indianapolis to buy my art? How do I get people in general to buy my art?

Ok ok… here is my problem. No one knows I exist nor do they buy my art. Of course I am grateful to my friends and family friends that have dropped some cash to own one of my pieces, but how can I get a complete stranger to want my art? Do I put too much time into my art and the price becomes too high? Or am I not creating quality art? Do people not understand that I am selling my art? I don’t know.

If I create a piece that is realistic: People comment that it is beautiful! But they rarely want to purchase it.

If I create an abstract piece: “It’s so interesting” but still can not find a new home.

If I do something that is truly mine: It’s grim or creepy and I shouldn’t showcase it…

So I ask: What do you see in art that makes you want to purchase it?

December 11th:

Sleep Sleep Sleep, I didn’t wake to my alarm and slept til noon. But hey, I guess I needed those hours.

I don’t know what I want to do today.

I know I will get around to making some art because that is my passion, but what else? Do I go for a walk? Try to follow along to a yoga video on YouTube? Do I relax? I think I don’t have enough hobbies. Nor friends.

So like, wanna be friends? Want to go on a six foot apart walk with me? Want to have a phone call, drink some hot chocolate, and tell me about your day? Should I go possibly get Covid and meet people at a bar? Like how am I supposed to socialize?

My days are regularly spent within my apartment walls. I create, I clean, I waste time, I cook or snack… What are your suggestions to make my days more fulfilling? What do you do?

Blogmas Day 9: I rearranged my entire apartment

Hi! Yes, I didn’t feel very artistic today, so I rearranged the entire apartment as a way to procrastinate.

10AM – Check to do’s and decided to postpone doing them

11AM – Began an epic workout montage of cleaning, moving furniture, doing laundry, messing with plant pots, and more cleaning

2PM – Realized I hadn’t eaten anything, got distracted, painted a 3″x4″ view from the *new* couch location

3PM – Ate a snack and took a mental break

4PM – Started organizing my art supplies so that I can move my art setup to another room

4:30PM – Got overwhelmed and cleaned more, but not my art supplies

5PM – Realized I smelled bad, ended my “work day” and took a shower

Honestly, cleaning everything was good for my mental state. It’s so hard for me to sit and paint knowing that the coffee table is covered in snack particles or that my comfy sweatpants are dirty or that there is a breakfast dish covered in hardening Nutella, from my boyfriends breakfast, just sitting on the counter that is only three feet away from the dishwasher. Sorry that one got me so upset. But I just remember that my poor Dad was given complete science experiments in cups of what once was some sugary liquid from probably last months groceries that were hidden in my room. I had confiscated so many cups that I was returning half the houses cup wear back to the kitchen for my Dad to sort through and find my lab creations.

And the benefit of all that cleaning is that now I have space to create with no distractions. And soon with some helping hands, I will move my art desk into another room where I will be able to create larger works and have better lighting.

So please let me know where I can get some house plants in the middle of winter! And maybe help me find some unique small vases to put fresh flowers in! And maybe other cute decorations that will help me take top notch mock set up photos of my art.

xoxo, Painting or Bust

^idk it just felt right to reference all those gossip girl commercials

Blogmas Day 7: Gouache

The day of no schedule, just things to do.

To Do List items that I accomplished: Day 7 3″x4″ gouache painting, four gouache/ink abstract works on 8″x10″ paper, painted gouache pine cones, videography equipment ordered, looked into my taxes, blogged and posted on social media, half packed up for my trip back to Indianapolis, IN.

I accomplished all my goals of the day. That is awesome for me. I didn’t put off anything. There is no “oh I’ll do that tomorrow.”

It has been very hard for me to keep a hard schedule since finishing college, because there is no one requesting my work at a certain date. I must hold myself responsible. And today I did just that!

Blogmas Day 6: Clean, Organize, Rest

“Clean Up! Clean up! Everyone loves to clean up!” – some lyrics from some childhood show lost into the back pages of my memory

10AM – collect what storage and tools I need to take down my show


12PM – clean up at the Green Door Gallery, putting away my Senior Show because I couldn’t get rid of any, and collecting what other paintings and prints were left

2PM – tour all the new construction and buildings of Pine Bluff, AR

4PM – emails and research

5PM – stopping the day and acknowledging that Sunday’s are supposed to be days of rest

Future Plans: Finding out how to sell my art online? Cause Covid exists and even with masks and social distancing, I would really like to give people the option to buy my art safely from home. Any suggestions? Now to get to shopping around for supplies to help me make, share, ship, and store art! I want a ring light that I can put parallel to the floor to video my art making process for the content.

Blogmas Day 5: James Hayes Christmas Market

Show in the NEW Green Door Gallery at the James Hayes Art Glass Company!

What an exciting and nerve wracking day!

From 9AM to 4PM – I sat surrounded by my art and hoped people would buy some, so that I can make my rent payment. And many familiar faces came by in support.

I am grateful for what was accomplished today and I am hoping that all the business cards I gave out will eventually be used to gain a following of support.

At the end of the show, I was completely drained. I had not realized how long it had been since I had been social due to Covid-19. Even from six feet away and behind a mask, I spoke to more people in one day than I believe I have all year! My social meter was tested but of course for good reason!

5PM – Nap