2021 Current Works

Fruit on Wood

Indy Post It Note Show

Works for the Indy Post It Note Show located at Chromatic Collective, on display May 7 & 8.

Earth Day 2021

A collection of six digital landscapes highlighting some of the important rivers located in the USA. Each river significantly impacts the areas they flow through and play an important part to society and the geography.

January through April

This time period birthed an exploration into abstract forms, house plants, “Mossy Creatures,” and the local moth species that call Indiana their home.

2020 Artworks

Works from May 2020 to December 2020. Anything from finished paintings to sketchbook pages.

These works are a collection of pandemic art where I expanded the breadth of my stylistic choices and explored landscapes from iPhone photos.

Senior Show

Morals are my personal revelations on how to live. These morals are not only personal, but universal. Each individual grows in their moral compass as they learn and experience life. Therefore, I made collages that combine my personal experiences and digitally created symbols to link myself into the moral compass of society. Combining digital line work with an array of materials in my collages, makes a link from my life to the discovery of morality. Every piece I made brings my stories of learning and growth to promote moralistic living.

Works from Education

Assignments covering the mediums: fresco, oil paint, printmaking, graphite, and digital art.