Blogmas Days 14-16: A saga of 20 minute tasks

The last two days were hectic. It was an unfun repetitive cycle of tasks that I didn’t want to do. So I will not relive the details.

Today on the other hand… no wait, it still consists of lots of little tasks. gross.

  • clean
  • laundry
  • paint large pieces
  • make and wrap presents
  • package prints
  • post to instagram… ugh something? idk yet
  • get pricing done
  • renew my lease
  • get covered parking permit
  • try to enjoy the snow

I would say better luck tomorrow, but it will be a day of doing everything for my partner until he gets to the airport, then working to get any last things done to set up my section at Relics Redesigned.

Then Friday, I get to drive 10 hours to my parents home to finally get some Christmas spirit going.

Happy Hectic Holidays!

Also Check Out my latest works… they are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

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