Blogmas Days 10-11: It is what it is.

December 10th Recap:

I cleaned, went to Relics Redesigned in Indianapolis to check on my vendor space, target shopped, looked out my window, watched YouTube, cleaned and organized my art space, spent too much money, cooked dinner, and played way too much candy crush.

How does one get people to follow you? How do I convince the City of Indianapolis to buy my art? How do I get people in general to buy my art?

Ok ok… here is my problem. No one knows I exist nor do they buy my art. Of course I am grateful to my friends and family friends that have dropped some cash to own one of my pieces, but how can I get a complete stranger to want my art? Do I put too much time into my art and the price becomes too high? Or am I not creating quality art? Do people not understand that I am selling my art? I don’t know.

If I create a piece that is realistic: People comment that it is beautiful! But they rarely want to purchase it.

If I create an abstract piece: “It’s so interesting” but still can not find a new home.

If I do something that is truly mine: It’s grim or creepy and I shouldn’t showcase it…

So I ask: What do you see in art that makes you want to purchase it?

December 11th:

Sleep Sleep Sleep, I didn’t wake to my alarm and slept til noon. But hey, I guess I needed those hours.

I don’t know what I want to do today.

I know I will get around to making some art because that is my passion, but what else? Do I go for a walk? Try to follow along to a yoga video on YouTube? Do I relax? I think I don’t have enough hobbies. Nor friends.

So like, wanna be friends? Want to go on a six foot apart walk with me? Want to have a phone call, drink some hot chocolate, and tell me about your day? Should I go possibly get Covid and meet people at a bar? Like how am I supposed to socialize?

My days are regularly spent within my apartment walls. I create, I clean, I waste time, I cook or snack… What are your suggestions to make my days more fulfilling? What do you do?

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