Blogmas Day 9: I rearranged my entire apartment

Hi! Yes, I didn’t feel very artistic today, so I rearranged the entire apartment as a way to procrastinate.

10AM – Check to do’s and decided to postpone doing them

11AM – Began an epic workout montage of cleaning, moving furniture, doing laundry, messing with plant pots, and more cleaning

2PM – Realized I hadn’t eaten anything, got distracted, painted a 3″x4″ view from the *new* couch location

3PM – Ate a snack and took a mental break

4PM – Started organizing my art supplies so that I can move my art setup to another room

4:30PM – Got overwhelmed and cleaned more, but not my art supplies

5PM – Realized I smelled bad, ended my “work day” and took a shower

Honestly, cleaning everything was good for my mental state. It’s so hard for me to sit and paint knowing that the coffee table is covered in snack particles or that my comfy sweatpants are dirty or that there is a breakfast dish covered in hardening Nutella, from my boyfriends breakfast, just sitting on the counter that is only three feet away from the dishwasher. Sorry that one got me so upset. But I just remember that my poor Dad was given complete science experiments in cups of what once was some sugary liquid from probably last months groceries that were hidden in my room. I had confiscated so many cups that I was returning half the houses cup wear back to the kitchen for my Dad to sort through and find my lab creations.

And the benefit of all that cleaning is that now I have space to create with no distractions. And soon with some helping hands, I will move my art desk into another room where I will be able to create larger works and have better lighting.

So please let me know where I can get some house plants in the middle of winter! And maybe help me find some unique small vases to put fresh flowers in! And maybe other cute decorations that will help me take top notch mock set up photos of my art.

xoxo, Painting or Bust

^idk it just felt right to reference all those gossip girl commercials

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