Blogmas Day 6: Clean, Organize, Rest

“Clean Up! Clean up! Everyone loves to clean up!” – some lyrics from some childhood show lost into the back pages of my memory

10AM – collect what storage and tools I need to take down my show


12PM – clean up at the Green Door Gallery, putting away my Senior Show because I couldn’t get rid of any, and collecting what other paintings and prints were left

2PM – tour all the new construction and buildings of Pine Bluff, AR

4PM – emails and research

5PM – stopping the day and acknowledging that Sunday’s are supposed to be days of rest

Future Plans: Finding out how to sell my art online? Cause Covid exists and even with masks and social distancing, I would really like to give people the option to buy my art safely from home. Any suggestions? Now to get to shopping around for supplies to help me make, share, ship, and store art! I want a ring light that I can put parallel to the floor to video my art making process for the content.

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