Blogmas Day 2 : Errands and Painting

Day 2 of typing out what I did in a day to better my appreciation for what it takes to run an art business.

two layers into a cactus in acrylic on wood

10AM – Get receipts in order aka rummaging through bags

11AM – Target to buy a Square card reader and get an 11″x14″ frame

11:30AM – Pick up Christmas Card Prints at Hobby Copy

12:30PM – Test Square and set up Venmo


2PM – Blog Writing

2:30PM – Start Painting, painting on wood and Day 2 of December Self Challenge

End of Day – Pack and triple check my packing for Dec. 5 Christmas Market, check TO DO list

I felt like today was going to be SO busy but in the end it was more stress than actual tasks and planning what I would do after travel to finish preparations for the show. I ended up getting to spend the afternoon doing the fun part of being an artist: PAINTING!

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