Blogmas? Day 1

I WILL post about what I do in each day as an Artist. I want to start this as a Christmas Blog Experiment and maybe even take it into the future.

Day 1 of a New Habit

10AM – Set up posts to be published on Social Media

10:30AM – Frame artwork for Christmas Market on Dec. 6th


1PM – Price prints, collages, and gouache paintings

1:30PM – Paint Day 1 of December Self Challenge

2PM – Cut out all limited edition prints and sign them

3PM – Create signage for Christmas Market on Dec. 6th

3:30PM – Edit photos for website

5:30PM – Update Website

6PM – Start Blogmas

6:30PM – Size, covert to pdf, and move to USB a special print

7PM – Snack and plan out December posts


9PM – Read “How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist” by Caroll Michels and take notes

9:30PM – Check to make sure tomorrow’s schedule is correct

I definitely should have started my day earlier, but I can still accomplish my Pre-Show Tasks Tomorrow!

I don’t know if this is interesting to anyone, but it helps me be active about posting my daily tasks as an artist even thought that might not include making art. Not every day is the creative progress, it can just be busy work. But that busy work makes sure that my art goes somewhere and is properly displayed.

“Text” to you tomorrow for Day 2! Thanks

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