Painting or Bust

Art by Emelia Dennis

Discovering Sight

Take a look into what I see through my current works, be it having my eyes open or closed. The year so far is an exploration into style and how different styles effect how to depict the world.

Discovering Myself

Engage with my personal revelations on morals through my senior art show. Or dive into works from eduction that built my skills as an artist.

To learn more about these collections of works, go to my portfolio!


Check out my art for sale in my Square Shop! I would love to ship you my art. I currently have limited and open edition prints. Soon, I will be adding some originals so stay tuned!

Shop Local

My art can be located in store at Relics Redesigned. Reach their business at https://www.facebook.com/relicsredesigned

Relics Redesigned Location

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